Zero Trust Begins by Conquering Network Complexity

Connect the dots between your current perimeter-based security infrastructure to a zero trust future with agile network security policy management from FireMon.
FireMon collects and aggregates Zscaler Cloud Firewall policy information

Visualize, Normalize, Manage, & Monitor, rules across your entire network, from the datacenter to the cloud.

Move Toward Zero Trust while Managing Cost and Maintaining Continuity

Zero trust isn’t simply a framework or a set of technologies: it’s a mindset. There’s no switch to flip to turn on zero trust: organizations have to carefully migrate systems to a zero trust architecture while maintaining the operability of existing infrastructure.

FireMon is the bridge from today’s perimeter-based network infrastructure to zero trust.

Complete visibility across your entire network, from multi-vendor datacenters to the cloud

Automated policy management and enforcement helps to maintain compliance and security even as enforcement points increase

Workflow policy automation ensures that your network can be as agile as your business

Risk Management minimizes the attack surface and assess vulnerabilities in real time

Zero Trust Applications Migrating Cloud

Knowing your network is critical to zero trust

FireMon Lumeta gives you your organization a comprehensive view of your network: everything from physical, cloud, virtual, and software-defined network infrastructure and endpoints to operational technology and internet of things (OT/IoT).

These insights into network traffic data and the current state of enterprise assets are important characteristics in any ZTA by NIST standards.

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Policy management and decision-making are essential aspects of a ZTA

FireMon Security Manager provides a unified-view that normalizes policy content across environments containing multiple firewall vendors, cloud security groups, and SD-WAN and SASE offerings.

This capability allows the tenets of zero trust to be actualized in the organization among policy engine, policy administrator, and policy enforcement point components.


ZTA requires automating the policy design, planning, and change approval process

This workflow is often facilitated via API integration into an IT Service Management (ITSM) process such as ServiceNow. As the number of security controls increases within a micro-segmented network, FireMon Policy Planner pushes security policy into all policy enforcement points.

The capability to automate ZTA security policies from design to decommissioning frees up security teams for more intensive, mission-critical tasks.

Policy Planner Workflow Automation

Moving from a traditional perimeter-based security architecture to zero trust leaves most organizations wondering where to start.

FireMon helps you leverage your existing infrastructure.

FireMon Network Security Policy Management

FireMon’s Agile NSPM delivers the necessary scalability, flexibility, and real time visibility to support zero trust, driven by robust APIs and airtight integrations.

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Mapping FireMon to the NIST 800-53 Logical Components

A comprehensive list of essential network security controls mapped to NIST 800-53 requirements.


Zero Trust Begins by Conquering Network Complexity


Network Security Investment Priority #2: Zero Trust

Global Independent Study of 500 Senior Level Respondents finds that 69% plan to implement ZTA by 2023.


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