Move from Managing Vulnerabilities to Managing Risk

At the RSA Convention yesterday, our President Jody Brazil moderated a fascinating panel discussion on the state of the firewall and whether it would remain a relevant tool with the increase in virtualization and cloud adoption. The panel featured Chris Hoff, Chief Security Architect at Juniper Networks, Manny Rivelo, EVP of Security at F5 and Vik Phatak, CTO of NSS Labs. OVer 600 people attended this lively session. All of the panelists agreed that firewall’s will remain a relevant security tool, but Cloud and virtualization will provide an opportunity to develop new ways to deploy the firewall. The panelists all agreed that the firewall will evolve to be a service that is delivered within the Cloud or virtualized environment, and will ultimately move from CLI’s and GUI’s to API’s.

The discussion also touched on security in general within these new network paradigms, and the panelists were asked to identify 1 or 2 key points the attendees should consider when they returned to their own networks after RSA. Chris Hoff stated that as security practitioners, we need to move from managing vulnerabilities and reacting to incidents to managing risk. Operationalizing risk is the key to effectively reducing and remediating risk within your environment. At FireMon, we couldn’t agree more. Our Risk Analyzer product enables you to manage risk in real-time on your network, and proactively eliminate potential vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them. This tool will allow you to improve your risk posture over time, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the security controls you have deployed within your environment. As we noted previously, Risk’s time is now.