Earn $100 for Every Lead Submitted to FireMon!


FireMon is offering Account Executives and Systems Engineers from several key technology partners to reward them for introducing us to their qualified customers.

The process is simple. For every qualified lead you provide, we’ll pay you $100. All we need is a few details about the company and the names of at least two relevant contacts at that organization. It’s really that simple!


  • Company Name
  • Primary Address
  • 25+ firewalls from a participating manufacturer
  • Qualified Contacts (2 minimum)
    • Senior Security Architect
    • Firewall Administrator
    • Director of Network Security
    • Director of Security Operations

How to Participate

  1. Create a FireMon Rewards Account at rewards.firemon.com
  2. Technology Alliance Manager will call to review program.
  3. Submit leads below.

Lead Information

  • Contact #1

  • Contact #2

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Offer currently available for representatives of the following companies.