It’s Time for a New Approach to Network Security & Firewall Management

You may have noticed things look a little different around here. Well, that’s because our industry is changing, and we’d be remiss not change along with it. With the pace that technology and threats are advancing, what’s worked in the past simply won’t work anymore. And FireMon is here to address that.


20+ years ago, when organizations had one or two firewalls protecting their perimeter, one firewall admin was able to keep the network pretty well under control. Fast forward to 2017, and those same organizations are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of devices with upwards of a million total rules. To provide the same level of management, you’d have to hire hundreds of firewall admins. I don’t know a single CISO who’d feel confident they’d get that headcount approved.


The result of this gap between technology and staff resources, which we have dubbed the “Complexity Gap,” can cause serious management issues. There is a massive amount of data generated by this technology and thousands or even millions of rules to manage. Relying on an understaffed team to sift through it all, make heads or tails of it and then leverage it for security decision-making is an exercise in futility – not to mention at odds with effectively securing the network and operating efficiently enough to keep pace with the demands of business.


It wouldn’t be fair of me to prattle on about the problem and not offer up anything in the form of a solution. Luckily, and probably not surprisingly, FireMon has the answer – more intelligent security management.


Intelligent Security Management from FireMon fills the gap between the traditional methods of approaching network security – technology and staff resources – with tools for advanced automation and analysis. The products that make up our platform – Security Manager and Immediate Insight – approach every component of the security mix – prevention, detection and response – in the same way:


  • Data consolidation – collecting, normalizing and preparing diverse data sources for analysis
  • Real-time analysis – up-to-the-second detail on what’s happening in your network now
  • Advanced automation – workflows and processes that multiply the efforts of your team
  • Actionable intelligence – arming staff with information for security decision making


This is all good in theory, but here’s how Intelligent Security Management is helping enterprise security teams now:


  • Monitoring multi-vendor networks from one place
  • Cleaning up outdated, unnecessary our non-compliant policies
  • Automating policy change management
  • Reporting on compliance and preparing for audits
  • Migrating or upgrading security devices
  • Managing vulnerability and risk related to network access
  • Quickly triaging security alerts for response
  • Proactively hunting for threats in the network


If you’d like to learn more about FireMon’s approach to Intelligent Security Management, I invite you to download the white paper here >>