Orchestrating change management
with speed and security

Intelligent Policy Automation for Network Security Policies

Firewall teams are under immense pressure to balance the needs of both the business and the security and compliance groups. If an access request is denied, even for security reasons, and it prohibits business, they get noticed – and not in a good way.

Conversely, access request approvals that violate security may go ignored or unnoticed, because in many cases, business productivity trumps security.

FireMon Intelligent Policy Automation (IPA) is the industry’s only security policy orchestration solution that safely and effectively ensures policy automation needs are met while reducing an organization’s risk posture. Leveraging our Policy Planner module, FireMon IPA provides organizations with the process and the tools to deploy firewall policy changes with speed and security.

Policy Automation Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

We understand that policy change workflows are not a one-size-fits-all. With IPA, you are in control of where automation should enter the workflow and where it might be better to keep things manual. Each step of orchestration is context-aware to ensure changes are not simply implemented quickly but also correctly.

Our IPA framework offers fully flexible configuration options, including:

  • Standards-based workflow engine
  • Pre-change impact assessments
  • Risk thresholds to speed review
  • Workflow development that integrates into complex environments
  • Flexible approval mechanisms based on risk of change


95% of the change management process is planning to ensure the best rule is implemented.

With FireMon IPA, you can:

  • Speed up what matters – the planning, engineering and review phases
  • Guarantee accuracy – automated change verification confirms the right change was made the right way
  • Quickly adapt policies to address ongoing compliance or risk issues