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Speaker 1:
FireMon has identified five critical success factors that must be met in order to ensure business agility without sacrificing security. In this demonstration, we’ll focus on the ability to integrate anywhere. Let’s look at three business concerns requiring strong integration capabilities. First, we have the sprawl of multiple security devices, all producing data. Next, the inability to share data reduces support for automation initiatives requiring you to resort to error prone manual processes. And third, traditional security policy management solutions have very limited API integrations and they only expose a subset of their APIs. This results in increased risk and possibility for misconfiguration.

Speaker 1:
FireMon mitigates all of these concerns by offering the broadest and most advanced integration capabilities on the market. Let’s see how. With FireMon’s open API framework, customers can act on code suggestions without having to go outside their automation platforms. FireMon APIs connect to the vast array of solutions in your environment, including SASE, ITSM, SOAR and SIM. You won’t need to update or change your existing workflow or approval processes to connect FireMon to your automation stack. FireMon adapts to you while boosting your tie in to Puppet, Ansible or Terraform. Help prioritize remediation efforts by integrating with top vulnerability management and security assessment tools. Share vital security data and determine the best course of action to share with organizations such as the National Vulnerability Database, Rapid7, Qualys or Tenable.

Speaker 1:
Connect the fabric of your network policy to your enterprise by sharing information enriching ticketing and security orchestration solutions like ITSM and SOAR. Comprehensive API instructions and code samples are conveniently located in product, so there is no need to download additional modules. Only FireMon enables all-inclusive network security policy connections, which allows you to integrate anywhere. FireMon lets you extend compliance, automation and risk mitigation into third-party architectures. You can consume restful APIs with Swagger to provide flexible dynamic and enhanced connectivity. And you can provision two-way data sharing between security devices, platforms, and applications. Get agile, get FireMon.

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