Does the Immediate Insight 'Remotes' feature support interactive testing commands?

In addition to previously available test command capabilities, the Remotes feature of Immediate Insight now supports user defined command parameters that will be prompted for in the GUI when the test command is executed.

The following options are supported:

p – prompt to display (required)

h – hint to show in the field (optional)

d – default value (optional)

The full variable syntax always begins with two @ and ends with three @. Colons separate options.

@@args:p=arguments for ls:h=arguments:[email protected]@@

(No validation is supported in this version)

Here is a simple example of a Command to execute a Linux file listing, and then prompting for an argument for that file listing when the command is run:

1st the Command was configured as follows;


2nd the command is invoked by pressing the Play (run) button beside the GUI listing for the command


3rd – here is the dynamically generated dialog that appears, the default arguments can be left alone or modified to suit. Then click OK to continue.


4th – here is the Output of this example:


For further details on the ‘Remotes’ feature of Immediate Insight, please consult the Immediate Insight Admin user Guide.