Cloud Security Policy Management, Automation & Compliance

Get global visibility, scalability and control for public, private and hybrid cloud implementations, leveraging automation for greater efficiency and configuration assurance.

Cloud adoption continues to gain momentum as more and more enterprises seek to leverage the benefits of cost reduction and business agility. As the speed of business accelerates so too must the assurance of uncompromised security posture.

Hybrid visibility, scalability, and control become increasingly important to their ability to mitigate risk and keep pace with business agility demands.

Challenges of Hybrid Cloud:

  • Assessing the overall security status of cloud infrastructure with the same level of visibility across cloud and on-prem
  • Monitoring dynamic workloads across different cloud environments
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance within the cloud infrastructure
  • Ensure policy changes are consistent and do not introduce unacceptable risk

Intelligent, Automated Security Management for Hybrid Cloud

FireMon’s Intelligent Security Management platform effectively addresses these challenges for managing network security infrastructure in physical data centers and public and private cloud environments. It is the single pane of glass across hybrid networks that provides visibility into global policies, compliance, and access changes.


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Manage any firewall policy deployed in the cloud

Security Manager, FireMon’s device and policy management solution, manages firewall policies from Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper Networks and more. These firewalls can be located in an on-premises data center or in a cloud environment such as Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Azure. If you can deploy a firewall in a physical or virtual environment, you can connect a Security Manager data collector to monitor the firewall security policies associated with it from one place.


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Manage cloud security infrastructure with same visibility as on-premises

Security Manager can manage native, embedded AWS security groups. These security groups are added to Security Manager and managed like a traditional firewall device.


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Automate enforcement of AWS security configurations

Leveraging our Intelligent Policy Automation (IPA) framework, the entire change process for AWS security groups can be automated – from request to implementation – for increased configuration accuracy, compliance and security. Learn more >>


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Manage and secure multi-cloud environments

FireMon’s 40Cloud solution is a cloud infrastructure security broker (CISB) that makes your public cloud private by building a new virtual private network over your multi-region, multi-account cloud deployment. CISB complements network security elements that do not come natively with your cloud platform such as identity-based network access or Flexible B2B VPN connectivity. Learn more >>

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Get Global Visibility, Scalability and Control for Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Environments

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