How do I increase the disk size of my Immediate Insight storage?

Note: do not use VMWare tools to adjust the size of the disk, this will not work. Instead follow the following process;

  •  Shut down by powering down the Immediate Insight VM from the VMware console
  •  Add a new drive to the Immediate Insight VM using the VMware VM settings
  • Power on the Immediate Insight VM
  • Login to the Immediate Insight CLI using user ‘insight’ and the default password
  • type expand-disk and hit return, follow the prompts
  • The utility will merge the new drive you added in step to with the existing one.
  • Note; the maximum usable disk space per Immediate Insight VM is currently 2TB. If you required more than 2TB of storage you can cluster Immediate Insight VMs together. Please consult the Admin User Guide for details on Clustering.
  • wait for the utility to finish and the prompt to return
  • from the Immediate Insight CLI start the services
  • type start-all and hit return