Getting to Know Security Manager 7.0

FireMon recently released version 7 of our flagship Security Manager Suite, including the latest edition of the add-on Change Management Solution, Policy Planner. Over the next couple of weeks, we will highlight some of the key features of version 7.0. A major focus of this release was enabling security organizations to continuously and in real-time assess the effectiveness of their security. In today’s security environment, the confluence of constant change and an ever evolving threat landscape make it almost impossible for any practitioner to effectively answer what the state of their network security is at any given time, and whether or not they are effectively and successfully protecting said network. Security Manager 7.0 automates the continuous, real-time monitoring of your network and the key elements that affect the state of your security posture: the technology, the people and the processes used to implement security.

A key feature in the 7.0 release that enables continuous real-time monitoring are Controls. Controls consist of an onboard library of more than 100 pre-configured checks that allow customers to engage in assessment faster than ever before and thereby generate powerful visibility and actionable intelligence regarding current access control, policy enforcement, problematic configurations and necessary risk mitigation in their network. Controls include industry audit standards such as PCI and NERC, as well as a number of security and device vendor best practices garnered from years of experience working with customers and technology vendors.  In addition to the pre-configured controls that ship with Security Manager, the 7.0 release adds the ability for users to build custom controls to meet the unique needs of each specific network environment. A user could create a customized control that captures all of the requirements of their specific network security policy and ensure that all device configurations within their network conform to their specific company security policy. Controls are also fully integrated with Policy Planner in 7.0, ensuring that all new rules or configuration changes are proactively analyzed before they are implemented to ensure that making a change to a network or security device does not fall outside of the corporate security policy or place a company out of compliance with any standards they are required to maintain. All of these controls can be easily understood in the 7.0 interface via an array of high-level device and group dashboards that provide quick access to critical metrics of managed devices, highlight changing conditions and allow for critical trending of ongoing improvements. As our CTO highlighted yesterday, continually assessing the security controls defined and measuring the results over time creates a framework to measure security operations.


Controls are just one of many exciting new features available in Security Manager 7.0. We encourage you to evaluate Security Manager today, and begin your journey towards Better Security through Better Management.