Best Practices for Implementing a Zero Trust Network Access

Top 5 Success Factors for Zero Trust

"Inquiries from Gartner clients grew 127% during the first 4 months of 2021 as compared with the same period in 2020." -[Gartner®]

Although there is a lot of excitement over the benefits of ZTNA, end-user organizations lack experience in implementing it.

For this report, Gartner interviewed multiple early adopters of ZTNA technology to revel 5 points that are crucial to a successful project.

Implement differently than a traditional VPN
Document application usage
Clean up access to applications
#4 Addressing misalignment between security and development, and the problems it causes Tune policies continually
#5 Managing growing heterogeneity, and the approach to integration that 8 in 10 prefers Negotiate with business leaders

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Learn from the experiences of early adopters to help you enable a smoother and more efficient ZTNA implementation.

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Gartner® | Best Practices for Implementing Zero Trust Network Access | Lawrence Orans, John Watts, Neil MacDonald | 10 June 2021

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