Enterprise environments have a multitude of network security devices and literally thousands of rules accumulated over years of deployment. These rules are often obsolete, conflicting and redundant – which can impact network performance and create vulnerabilities for critical systems and data.

In a new report, Gartner notes that network security policy management solutions have become more comprehensive as enterprise needs have evolved, citing some of the following critical benefits:

  • Comprehensive firewall policy management – including streamlining, optimizing and migrating to modern platforms
  • Automated change analysis and control – and the ability to perform change impact analysis prior to deployment
  • Security risk and vulnerability analysis – including the ability to create virtual network maps, visualize network connections and analyze traffic flow.

Learn more about the benefits of network security policy management in the full report from Gartner.

Gartner Identifies Need for Network Security Policy Management


Report attribution: Gartner, Network Security Policy Management Solutions Have Evolved, A. Hills, R. Kaur, 30 October 2015.