FortyCloud Will Simplify CISO Strategies as Networks Advance

Earlier this week, FireMon co-founder and Chief Product Strategist shared his thoughts on how the FortyCloud supports our vision for security management in the cloud. Today, I’d like to look at the strategic value it brings as our customers make the move to cloud-based infrastructures.

As a prior CISO and cyber practitioner, I was responsible for the Enterprise Risk Management programs and cyber programs for a large healthcare network. One of the biggest challenges I faced was navigating the cloud.

Most CIO’s are faced with developing a digital transformation strategy. But the CISO is faced with having to ensure this strategy does not introduce risks or new threats to the organization, often facing an uphill battle and pressure to go in blindly. The challenges can be attributed to changes in ownership of technology, reduced overall visibility and new gaps in governance.

As I look at the FortyCloud technology, it provides opportunities to simplify the extension of security strategies into cloud environments. This simplicity and control gives a CISO the opportunity to regain visibility without compromise.

Additionally, I am excited for what is to come. There will be opportunities to extend the Risk, Cyber and Operational management capabilities of the FireMon platform into new cloud stacks using the FortyCloud technologies. We have not only acquired a great set of products, but an experienced leadership and engineering team that will drive innovation back into the core FireMon products.

When I look at a CISO’s evolving and broadening scope of responsibilities related to managing risk across the organization, it will be critical to provide them with technology solutions that allow them to maintain and measure risks in ways that transcend both current and digital transformational strategies. No matter what your organizations cloud journey looks like, the FireMon product strategy will be ready to support you on that adventure.