FireMon and Palo Alto Networks – Unbeatable Value, Together

Not all security platforms are created equal. This is a reason why CISOs opt to bring best-of-breed solutions into their environment as they face the prospect of changing regulations, an expanding attack surface, and the growing sophistication of threats. Against such a backdrop, there is tremendous value in integrating benchmark access control platforms from Palo Alto Networks (PAN) with FireMon’s leading security management solutions.

Let’s talk about CISO painpoints and how a FireMon integration with Palo Alto firewalls addresses these by seamlessly integrating features of both to maximize customer benefits.

Crack the security bottleneck with mindful automation

#1 Full, Continuous Infrastructure Visibility

Most large organizations grapple with the challenge of gaining complete, automated, and real-time visibility across their network infrastructure. Whether you have PAN Panorama or a multi-vendor firewall plus security infrastructure, FireMon offers real-time and continuous network, endpoint, and rogue/shadow cloud discovery through its patented recursive indexing technology.

Remember that for any effective security policy workflow automation, full and complete discovery of your network assets is a foundational piece. Without this, your automation efforts could go very wrong. 

#2 Managing Complexity in Hybrid Infrastructures

According to research by Security Magazine, CISOs manage an average of 57 technologies/platforms in their environments. With the enterprise boundaries going beyond the physical infrastructure into the virtual and the cloud, FireMon is uniquely positioned to offer security management features that foster SecOps agility by reducing management complexity. FireMon can integrate with Palo Alto’s Panorama to capture PAN device groups, as well as generate a high-level device and group dashboard across all your network assets in addition to PAN devices. Customers with Panorama gain the ability to centrally manage their multi-device environments within FireMon’s Security Manager. By using App-ID and User-ID in policy management, it is possible to see the device impact and do a proper risk validation assessment of rule changes in your PAN network.

#3 Get Actionable Intelligence for Threat Mitigation

FireMon provides automated and real-time network security intelligence, attack simulation, and risk scores across potential threats to your network. With our ability to integrate with third-party SOAR, SIEM and threat management solutions, we translate business intent to allow the context of network assets and security policy to automatically determine and enforce necessary access. What does this mean? Simply, FireMon removes the guesswork out of threat mitigation through the effective use of data, intelligence, and automation.

#4 Simplified and Continuous Compliance

If you have PAN next-gen firewalls or firewalls from any other vendor, FireMon can provide complete and continuous compliance with automated monitoring of configuration changes happening across the network. With 350+ custom controls across multiple compliance regulations, it allows you to generate auditable reports with speed. We help compliance and audit teams to analyze and document changing network security policies, enterprise-wide, while providing the automated workflow for firewall rules recertification in accordance with standards.

Lastly, whether you have a large, complex, and geographically distributed network of PAN firewalls or a smaller firewall real estate, FireMon delivers value by addressing critical customer pains. Our comprehensive security management capabilities enhance the efficiencies of PAN environments by reducing manual efforts through automation and targeted change management.

We will showcase this critical integration during Ignite ’19 Europe in Barcelona, 13-15 November. Not going to Barcelona? You can learn more about FireMon + Palo Alto Networks from our downloadable integration brief and then schedule a demo with our team.