Automate your Firewall Rule Cleanup with FireMon

This may seem familiar: thousands of rule changes create overly complex rulebases and firewall misconfigurations. Some call this the “roach motel.” Rules check in…but they don’t check out. When you add in exposures from 20-year old rulebases, your risks explode.

Continuous Security Means A Clean Rulebase

Removing redundant, shadowed or overly permissive rules can disrupt the business. But moving fast is tough because of the staff shortage plague. Without regular configuration checks, enterprises are sitting ducks for attack. How do you clean the rulebase with limited staff and relentless attacks without interfering with the business?

That’s easy. You automate rule cleanup with FireMon. FireMon is used by enterprises around the world to improve their firewall rules, because only FireMon has the powerful fusion of vulnerability management, continuous compliance and orchestration.

The FireMon Solution

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Vulnerability Management

Clean your firewalls with full awareness of the exposures that could cripple the network.

It’s not just about patching vulnerabilities at random. Using FireMon’s vulnerability management, you can simulate attacks to see how an attacker could exploit your current rulebase to attack a vulnerable host, so you can eliminate risky rules.

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Continuous Compliance

Audits spark cleanup projects. FireMon makes sure firewalls are squeaky clean and audit-ready.

Use pre-built compliance assessments for PCI DSS, SOX, NIST or create your own assessment from our  library of 350+ custom controls. Automated, real-time compliance checks ensure that your policies are airtight 24/7/365.

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Once your rulebase is squeaky clean, make sure it stays that way through FireMon’s automated change management and monitoring.

Everytime a change is made that introduces new risk or violates compliance, you get automatically notified. Making secure, compliant changes to access. Define your requirements upfront, and run change simulations to see how the new rule impacts your security security posture.

The FireMon Difference

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Sub-second views to see how your rulebase effects security and compliance
  • Full Data Retention: Go back in time, we have the history of the entire rulebase
  • Customizable Search & Reporting: Pinpoint shadowed, redundant and overly permissive rules
  • Traffic Flow Analysis: Analyze the network impacts of your rulebase to identify necessary rules and ones that can go