FireMon's Taking It To The Streets

One of the biggest disconnects we hear at FireMon is that while security administrators recognize what a herculean task it is to stay on top of firewall rules, security and access policies and analysis, many in the business and pure IT side of the house just don’t get it. They think firewalls are not new technology and that managing security devices is an afterthought. The thought process is that after they laid out the big money for the boxes, actually running and managing them is the easy part. WOW, are they wrong!

That is why at FireMon our best friends and biggest internal champions are inevitably the very security admins we help every day. After many years of trying different messaging and trying to come from the “top down,” we realize that our audience is the security administrators and other folks who live in the trenches. They don’t find firewall and security policy boring or mundane — it’s a huge part of their life.

So, we are setting off to go out and mingle with our core supporters. We think that the ISSA chapters of the world are a great place to meet with them. We also think ISACA, InfraGard and other organizations are great places to meet our fans, old and new, as well.

We will be kicking off this FireMon tour with an appearance at the South Florida ISSA chapter meeting on May 19th, 3:30 to 5:30 pm at Nova South East University. We’ll be presenting on “Firewalls: Still the Most Important Security Tool You Have.” After the presentation the chapter usually heads over to a nearby establishment to “lift some elbows and talk security.” If you are in the South Florida area, please stop by. You can register on the South Florida ISSA site.

Our next stop is the Tampa Bay ISSA in a joint meeting with the InfraGard on June 17th at Tech Data in Clearwater, Florida. We will publish exact times shortly, but it is an all-day conference.  Again, if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, please stop by and meet with us.

We are finalizing a few other chapter appearances around the country. If you belong to a local ISSA, InfraGard or ISACA chapter or other information security organization and you would think your members would like to learn more about firewall and security policy and management, leave us a comment or contact us about appearing at your meeting.