FireMon Workflow Integrates BPMN Version 2.0

Jody Brazil

FireMon Security Manager and its supporting modules are the only solutions that provide standards-based support for existing process management within today’s enterprise environments.

With the ability to leverage the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) Version 2.0 standard for integration with policy change request ticketing systems, and other management platforms, FireMon addresses the specific workflow requirements of every organization.

Unlike solutions that require time consuming, manual work to tie firewall assessment into systems including Remedy, ServiceNow and other process management platforms, FireMon’s automated, out-of-box capabilities enable practitioners to rapidly achieve workflow integration.

Adopted by industry leaders including Accenture, Capgemini, IBM, Oracle and SAP, support for BPMN 2.0 integration empowers more meaningful, actionable assessment. By directly addressing those systems already resident in enterprise environments, firewall analysis and policy change can by tied into existing management process.

Leveraging this capability empowers network, security, compliance/audit and IT risk management teams to work more closely together to address pressing matters of firewall policy oversight and change. Using direct integration with existing ticketing systems allows for more consistent response to emerging business, compliance and risk-driven network access requests, dramatically narrowing change response windows.

With the ability to tie the comprehensive capabilities of Security Manager into existing processes, FireMon delivers immediate, enterprise-wide visibility. By empowering numerous processes with real-time firewall infrastructure intelligence, Security Manager helps accelerate a wide range of related initiatives.

From basic firewall cleanup to policy change, and IT risk mitigation, FireMon Security Manager offers in-depth integration across every related aspect of business process management.