To address the complexity of today’s policy analysis requirements, FireMon Security Intelligence solutions are empowered by the Security Intelligence Query Language (SiQL), allowing for conclusive, in-depth assessment of network security infrastructure.

With the ability to offer search engine-like querying across the full-range of potential data formats to allow for rapid and comprehensive retrieval of necessary information regarding existing firewall policies, FireMon solutions deliver highly detailed, actionable results.

As network security policies are adapted over time, increasing inherent complexity in the discovery and management of all firewall rules, FireMon SiQL empowers practitioners to find, address and document all the required information.

Through SiQL’s unique design and continued development, FireMon delivers the advanced information gathering capabilities that today’s enterprise practitioners require, including:

  • Ad-hoc device policy queries and audit checks
  • Property and use-based device policy search
  • Domain-specific device, policy and rule search
  • Time and/or change-based policy querying
  • Native language policy comments retrieval