Top 5 Additions to FireMon’s Security Manager 7.0 – Part 2

With any major product release there’s typically quite a bit to sound off about, but with the launch of FireMon Security Manager 7.0 platform and the introduction of its updated Policy Planner 3.0 module there’s so much to highlight that one could potentially go on for a long time.

So, in the interest of shedding some light on the most exciting and breakthrough additions in these new releases, let’s take a classic “Late Show”-style approach citing the “Top 5 New Capabilities of Security Manager 7.0”:

1. True Continuous Assessment: The Security Manager analysis engine and supporting features are the only solution that truly provide real-time visibility across all network security device infrastructure. With even greater levels of automation including an updated library of proven assessments, proactive “what-if” change modeling, historical trend analysis to chart improving performance and the scalability to analyze enterprise infrastructure in seconds, FireMon has once again upped the ante.

2. Expanded Assessment and Controls: Striking at the lifeblood of how customers benefit from Security Manager’s automated assessment approach, the 7.0 release introduces major advancement including trending, whitelisting and an out-of-the-box library with over 100 pre-built controls and Best Practices assessments. The results? Faster analysis, greater policy and process retention and even greater ease-of-use – all with a high degree of customization – based on FireMon’s years of experience working with customers.

3. Standardized Policy Workflow: Policy Planner 3.0 delivers full support for the BPMN 2.0 workflow standard, allowing even more consistent policy design, evolution and management, and allowing direct integration with existing BPM systems and processes. More fuel to the FireMon flame of providing enterprise ready, time saving and closed-loop methodology; look here to see who else supports BPMN 2.0.

4. Added MSSP capabilities: While other vendors merely pass off their solutions to MSSPs, FireMon continues to add purpose-build capabilities for our many managed service provider customers, including support for organizational domains and LDAP authorization. Instead of handing-off an existing solution and merely saying good luck, FireMon continues to make the investments that drive increased ROI for MSSPs of all kinds.

5. New Device Support: The more network security devices that Security Manager provides direct integration with, the more powerful the results. This time around additions include newly released products from leading providers including Cisco (ASA 9.1), Palo Alto Networks (Panorama) and Qualys (QualysGuard VM) as well as support for device infrastructure popular in APAC (AhnLabs, Hillstone, Huawei, SECUI) and other regions, making the FireMon platform the most truly comprehensive and globally relevant on the market.

So there you have it, and honestly that’s just a quick peek at all of the extraordinary goodness and highly differentiated capabilities delivered in the FireMon Security Manager 7.0 platform. There’s no other product available that spans the full gamut of assessment and reporting needs required by today’s enterprise organizations and large government agencies.

Am I biased? Sure, but I’ve also been around this market long enough to know who is stretching the truth and how FireMon can truly back all its claims.

If you’re unwilling to take my word for it, why not sign up for an eval of FireMon Security Manager 7.0 today and you see how well it works for yourself.