Risk Analyzer Is a Reflection of FireMon’s Continued Innovation

I was incredibly excited to join FireMon as the new Vice President of Business Development. After my first 30 days with the company, I can share that my excitement has only grown.  For my first posts on the blog, I wanted to share why I joined FireMon, and why I am so excited about the future.

FireMon was the first company to ever create a firewall change management tool. We invented the network security change management space. We were the first to introduce a graphical change report, rule usage information, policy test, traffic flow analysis, and many more features that are now the staple of the industry. In my career, I’ve always been drawn to companies that were innovators, and FireMon maintains that spirit of innovation at its core. FireMon continues to be the innovator with the acquisition of Saperix Technologies, which has become our Risk Analyzer product. Over the next few months, you will continue to hear about the dramatic innovations Risk Analyzer brings to the security optimization FireMon provides with its real-time risk analysis capabilities. In the zero day world we live in, enterprises can ill forward to use tools that take hours or days to tell them where their risks are. Risk Analyzer will provide real-time vulnerability analysis, and I am excited to debut the technology and some of the exciting technology partnerships we are building into the tool at the United Security Summit next month in San Francisco.

Risk Analyzer is a reflection of FireMon’s continued innovation. In part 2 of my post, I will share additional innovation being developed by FireMon, reflecting why FireMon provides the most complete suite of tools to optimize your enterprise security posture now.