Network Security Innovation

To meet the ever-evolving requirements of today’s complex enterprise networks, FireMon Security Intelligence solutions are constantly being extended and adapted, driven by an unwavering commitment to industry leading innovation.

Via strategic research and development efforts informed by the world’s largest end-user and managed services organizations, along with an internal culture dedicated to unwavering technological advancement, FireMon builds cutting-edge solutions capabilities.

As organizations mature network infrastructure and security management practices, from longstanding methodologies to adoption of virtual, cloud and software defined networking (SDN) platforms, FireMon solutions are constantly enhanced to meet changing requirements.

Through direct partnership with leading practitioners around the globe, FireMon delivers all the critical network security assessment innovation that today’s enterprises require, including:

  • Continued advancement of underlying architecture
  • Consistent, stable solutions platform releases
  • Customer-driven introduction of new products
  • Integration with emerging solutions platforms
  • Ongoing acquisition of additional technologies