FireMon Feature Bracket Challenge Winner is…

Jody Brazil

The final matchup of the FireMon Feature Bracket Challenge came down to this:  The perennial favorite, Policy Test versus the underdog and fan favorite, Rule Recommendation.  With two powerhouse features going head to head, who would come out on top?

It was no surprise to see Policy Test in the finals.  With a long history, first invented and introduced by FireMon in 2004, it has been a valued feature in the product for years.  While more capabilities have been added through the years, such as multiple inputs, and/or conditions and matching types, the core functionality of evaluating firewall behavior is still the central value of the feature.  Check out the highlight video of Policy Test here.  This behavioral analysis capability makes Policy Test a difficult matchup for any feature competitor.

Rule Recommendation brings a big reputation of success to this final matchup.  Introduced in the product less than two years ago, it solves one of the big challenges in the marketplace; helping create the RIGHT rule.  Way too often, new rules are added to a firewall at the request of a user when either the access is already supported or an existing rule could simply be updated.  Rule Recommendation takes into account the network topology and the existing firewall policies to suggest the necessary and most effective change to the policies.  But in a surprise twist to the Feature Bracket Challenge, we find Rule Recommendation, which is based on the core Policy Test engine, competing against the engine itself, Policy Test.

The battle was fierce.  While Policy Test took an early lead, Rule Recommendation fought back hard behind the power of automation.  In the end, Policy Test proved too powerful and Rule Recommendation was left with the consolation of knowing it is built on the engine of this year’s Feature Bracket Challenge Winner…

Policy Test:  2011 FireMon Feature Bracket Challenge Winner