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We want to help you deliver more value to your customers, deepen your relationships and sell more. That’s why we have designed FireMon Channel Coffee Mornings, to show you how FireMon can enhance the performance of all the technologies you are selling right now.

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Use your new knowledge to grow your accounts and deliver value to your customers. Not only that but by talking FireMon you can grow your wallet with our FireMon Channel incentives!

FireMon Channel Coffee Morning sessions

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FireMon & Change Management and Automation

83% of unplanned network outages are caused by human error. Discover how you can help your customers automate their change process and avoid making costly mistakes.

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5 October 2021

FireMon & Zero Trust

Learn how your customers can automate and orchestrate the management of their Zero Trust Architecture with FireMon’s Network Security Policy Management solution.

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26 October 2021

FireMon & SASE

Discover how FireMon can help your customers visualise, normalise and manage policies across SASE platforms, SD-WAN, and FWaaS.

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16 November 2021


We explore how FireMon enhances SOAR solutions to reduce complexity and human error. With FireMon your customers can aggregate and share data for reporting, visualisation, correlation, or alerting.

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7 December 2021

FireMon & Vulnerability Management

Help your customers make the most of their vulnerability tools. With FireMon they can identify risk and prioritise risk remediation efforts with FireMon’s Risk Analyzer solution.

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18 January 2022

FireMon & Endpoint

Lumeta is a real-time visibility, vulnerability, and risk management solution that enables cloud, network, and security teams to find and secure unknown, rogue and shadow clouds, network infrastructure, and endpoints. Learn how it can benefit your endpoint customers.

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8 February 2022

FireMon & Firewalls

FireMon helps enterprises to manage and audit multi-vendor security devices across their hybrid network. We explore how your customers can manage change, clean up and compliance with FireMon.

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Receive: $1000 ($500 for sales rep & $500 for techie)

*Deal reg has to be approved by FireMon, offer valid until 31 Dec 2021. Partner must be a registered partner on the portal.

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Book in and deal reg three or more end user meetings*

Receive: Your voucher, your SPIFF reward AND a haul of FireMon SWAG

*Deal reg has to be approved by FireMon, offer valid until 31 Dec 2021. Partner must be a registered partner on the portal.