FireMon Acquires Saperix Technologies…What’s Next?

Jody Brazil

Today FireMon announced that we have acquired Saperix Technologies. As part of that acquisition we have acquired some patented technology that was developed by the MIT Lincoln Labratory for risk analysis.   You can read the details of the announcement at

Over the 10+ years I have been leading the development of Firemon I have seen many changes in the market, the technology and the needs of our customers.  When we first started development on Firemon the biggest issue was outages caused by incorrect changes.  In those early days, the firewall was still a relatively new technology.  Inexperience and poor processes would frequently result in mistakes that would block necessary and critical access, necessitating a monitoring and reporting solution to quickly identify and remediate these mistakes.

Over the years our mission has expanded. As the network became more complex and the threats our customers face became more diverse, Firemon has evolved. From pure firewall management focused on change monitoring and reporting, we added deep security configuration analysis, change process management and security audit and compliance.  All of these enhancements were customer driven and focused on providing the necessary solutions for our customers.

But we were not done.

Managing security in the enterprise requires a more holistic view of the data and systems in the enterprise. Risk analysis is about bringing in data about these protected assets and provides a new level of detail and visibility.  It also provides the information about critical exposures that put the enterprise at risk of compromise.  However, in looking at the competition and the general state of risk analysis in the market, we did not see anything that was scalable or frankly responsive enough to satisfy the need our customers had. That is until we discovered the Saperix Technology solution.

The risk analysis technology developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory has been under development for 10 years. It is the most scalable and best risk analysis software we have ever come across. This technology, with its depth of analysis and scalable performance, will enable us to deliver a number of future innovative solutions.  While some expand the vision beyond our historic focus on firewalls, others drastically expand our core capabilities to report on the effectiveness of network layer defenses.

Our team is already hard at work at integrating the new risk analysis technology into our product line. We will begin to deliver these solutions to the market very soon.

FireMon created the solutions that started this market, we have delivered the innovations that have made it a must have solution and today marks the start of the next evolution.  We are all very excited with this acquisition and feel that you will be to when you see what it can do.