FireMon Security Manager 8.22: Enhanced Security and Expanded Automation & Compatibility

With the release of v8.22 the goal is to increase your team’s efficiency while improving FireMon’s usability, enhancing operational security and stability, expanding automation, and extending compatibility.

What’s New in v8.22

Increased efficiency

The level of increased efficiency you see will be relative to your product engagement with us, i.e. whether you have Security Manager, Policy Planner, Policy Optimizer, Risk Analyzer, etc. The overall landscape of efficiency changes includes the ability to:

  • Review specific controls that have failed after pre-change analysis has been completed. (Policy Planner)
  • Route to anywhere in the workflow based on whether one of these specific “high priority” controls have failed. (Policy Planner)
  • Verify a device after migrating from one vendor to another quickly, or compare two devices to see if access between them is equal. (Security Manager)
  • Generate diagnostic packages directly from the web interface. (Server Control Panel)
  • Download generated diagnostic packages locally rather than via SCP/SFTP. (Server Control Panel)
  • Sort devices based on a health check: by Critical, Warning, or Healthy. (Administration)

New rule documentation filter bricks

You can now search rules by all documentation fields. The filters are dynamic, just like the rule documentation fields. Additionally, you can allow rule documentation property to hide fields from filters if you have a large number of rule documentation fields.

Access Path Analysis switch

Access Path Analysis is removed from the direct map as its own tab, meaning:

  • Reduce noise of all nodes when viewing the results of APA
  • Use a suggested starting node rather than manually selecting one
  • Improve usability of “ambiguities” and multiple paths

You can also add a new source port field for access path analysis, and automatically generate a diagnostic package along with any/all normalization issues.

Expanded automation and leveraging tailored reports

We hear about the importance for automation from customers and prospects on almost every interaction we have, so in 8.22 we expanded the automation capabilities.

You can now leverage the tailored reports you create using saved filters to create both on-demand and scheduled reports — and they can be dynamic and customized.

You can also schedule automatic retrievals for Checkpoint r77.

New compatibilities

  • Azure Hit Count Support – Security Group Rules
  • Bluecoat ProxySG level 4 support
  • Checkpoint R80 ”Install On” normalization
  • Citrix IOS XR hit counters support
  • Citrix Netscaler VPX level 4 support
  • Fortinet ADOM Support
  • Juniper ScreenOS level 4 support
  • Juniper Vsys level 4 support

Next steps

If you’re an existing customer and have 8.22 questions, reach out to your support team — or REGISTER FOR OUR UPCOMING WEBINAR that I am presenting, Thursday, July 26. If you’re interested in using FireMon and want to see how 8.22 has improved the platform, SCHEDULE A DEMO with us today.