Finally, Security Pros have ‘RADAR’ with Lumeta Cloud Visibility

This strange new power to ‘see’ things at great distances, through clouds or darkness, was a magical extension of our senses.”

Robert Hanbury Brown

Who was Robert Hanbury Brown, you ask? He was an English physicist and astronomer who played an important role in the development of RADAR in the 1930s. The power of the visibility delivered by this new technology was on display shortly after its invention, when the RAF was able to stave off a numerically superior adversary during the Battle of Britain. And, in modern times, we continue to see the benefits of RADAR-generated visibility every day – whether it’s predicting the next winter storm or landing jumbo jets at the airport.

When we think about cloud computing, we currently live in “pre-RADAR” days, launching assets into the cloud without really understanding what’s happening to them after they’re deployed, if you can find them at all. For security professionals, it’s like being an air traffic controller with no RADAR – you’re trying as hard as you can to see and protect all of the assets out in the cloud, but you’re really not sure you understand where everything is or if you can prevent something really bad from happening. And in many cases, it’s like being an aircraft controller for multiple airports at once, because you have assets deployed across a hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

Today, hybrid cloud computing finally has RADAR, with FireMon’s new Lumeta CloudVisibility solution. Lumeta CloudVisibility provides the security, risk assessment and visibility hybrid enterprises need to secure their assets in the cloud. We’ve taken the pioneering technology of Lumeta Spectre, which was built for comprehensive network and endpoint discovery, and added real-time infrastructure visibility, change monitoring, and leak-path detection for enterprises in any phase of the cloud migration. It doesn’t matter which cloud platform, either — enterprises now have visibility into physical, virtual, software-defined, on-premise, and hybrid environments.

Lumeta CloudVisibility provides extensible solutions for large enterprises that need a complete view of all assets in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment. It doesn’t just map which clouds are handling which workloads; it also provides centralized, multi-account visibility for a Security Operations Center so it can attribute silos of cloud accounts and resources to a specific owner. This level of visibility finds and fixes the many hidden vulnerabilities that are inevitable in multi-cloud environments. Lumeta CloudVisibility’s extensive visualization and visual analytics capabilities rank and prioritize high-risk endpoints, identify security group and subnet configuration vulnerabilities, map how cloud assets are attached to the enterprise, and close unwanted paths to the Internet.

Our 2019 State of Hybrid Cloud Security Survey shows that more and more organizations have workloads that are spanning on-premise environments, private cloud and public cloud. As they scale up their use of cloud environments, their security needs to scale with it while grappling with new levels of complexity. Already, many organizations have moved between 15 and 20 percent of their workloads to the public cloud, and they’re not just using one provider. Many FireMon customers are using both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure in equal measure, while also eyeing the Google Cloud Platform. They don’t want lock-in; they’re choosing the best provider for the job.

We expect these growth trends to continue over the next five years with organizations putting between 50 and 80 percent of their workloads in public cloud environments. And, there will be no central authority for this cloud expansion – different business teams will deploy assets in the cloud, often without even consulting security. There is no putting the cloud genie back in the bottle, so security organizations need to figure out how to gain the necessary visibility to protect assets no matter where they may reside. And that is what Lumeta CloudVisibility does, giving customers a consolidated view across multiple clouds so they can stamp out vulnerabilities and unwanted paths to the Internet that expose them to risk.

Knowing where airplanes are located is essential for air traffic controllers to ensure safe air travel. Similarly, knowing where everything is in the cloud is essential for organizations to enforce security policies. Lumeta CloudVisibility delivers this RADAR-like visibility, so security organizations can understand the location of assets across all environments, which enables them to define and push out the appropriate policies. With this capability, organizations to scale up security at the same pace they are scaling up deployments in the cloud – and that’s the ultimate power of FireMon’s Lumeta CloudVisibility.

For more information, download the Lumeta CloudVisibility solution brief: Visit this page to request notifications when Lumeta CloudVisibility Community Edition is available.

Reggie Best is president and Chief Product Officer for FireMon’s Lumeta Business Unit.