Extensible Network Security

FireMon Security Manager and its supporting modules are the only solutions that provide broad extensibility to address the unique requirements of today’s complex firewall infrastructure.

With the ability to rapidly extend unrivalled out-of-the-box functionality to create customized assessments and reports that meet distinct policy and topology-driven considerations, FireMon addresses the specific demands of every network environment.

Unlike solutions that require tedious, repetitive manual interaction to design customized analysis, as well as visualize results, FireMon’s automated, widely extensible capabilities enable practitioners to quickly build and execute conclusive assessments.

By further allowing users to retain all custom queries and reports, including critical policy change assessments, Security Manager offers consistent, repeatable analysis. With automated and in-depth functionality for the design and application of custom assessments, practitioners can easily address evolving conditions – including platform migration and network expansion.

Leveraging this capability to empower ad hoc and repeatable analysis, including policy compliance-driven assessments (PCI DSS etc.), measurably narrows the window between network maturation and up-to-date access control. Using existing, repeatable custom analysis and reporting to address and document unique requirements also frees up critical staffing resources to focus on other strategic management tasks.

With the ability to create highly customized queries or modify Security Manager’s deep library of existing assessments, FireMon addresses the full range of potential requirements. Using onboard automation to design precise analysis models, and related reports, Security Manager enables rapid adaptation and application.

From native extensibility to an online community where customers share proven best practices, FireMon Security Manager is engineered to empower comprehensive customization.