How To Export/Import Bookmarks & Pinboards in Immediate Insight

First, here is the process to backup (export) Pinboards/Bookmarks:

Click the flag icon near the top right corner of the GUI, then select Manage Pinboards & Bookmarks.


Click Share, then one at a time click the icon beside each bookmark (this copies them to the Shareboard).


    • To share a specific Pinboard, select all of the bookmarks belonging to that Pinboard (name is in blue in middle field).
    • Or to share ALL Pinboards, click the ‘Copy All to Shareboard’ link.


    Next from the Flag icon click Share Configurations to open the Shareboard.


    Click Export to save the bookmarks to a .ii file (it will download to your computer).


    Second, here is the process for how to Import Pinboards:

    If you need to restore your bookmarks or share them with another user or Immediate Insight system, you can do so using the .ii file. Simply Drag & Drop the file into DataFlow -> Import -> Import at Blob

    Note: before completing Drag and Drop, be logged in as the User you want to provide the bookmarks/pinboards for.