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Delivering Comprehensive Network Security Policy Management For The Healthcare Sector

Lenexa, KS, July 1, 2024 — FireMon, the leading network security policy management (NSPM) company that brings visibility, control, agility, and automation to enterprise cloud and hybrid network infrastructure, says its solutions provide those organizations operating in the healthcare sector with enhanced network security, compliance management, and real-time visibility and control to identify and respond to threats promptly.

The healthcare industry is a frequent target for cyberattacks due to the valuable personal and medical data it holds. Additionally, healthcare companies often use mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy, opening the organization to a host of other issues, including introducing new devices to their environment. Given these circumstances, a vendor-agnostic solution and immediate visibility and understanding of risk and compliance concerns are critical. Implementing strong network security measures helps defend against these threats.

Healthcare companies prioritize network security and adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for several reasons. For instance, companies can manage patient privacy and data protection, comply with legal and regulatory regulations, avoid the financial consequences and reputational damage of non-compliance, prevent identity theft, and protect their cybersecurity threat landscape.

“FireMon’s solutions help streamline the complex task of managing firewalls and security policies, which is vital for maintaining a secure network, even more so in the healthcare industry where a compromise can be a matter of life and death,” said Jody Brazil, CEO and founder of FireMon. “FireMon also assists in proactively identifying potential security gaps through continuous risk assessment and mitigation. Our scalable and adaptable solutions suit dynamic and growing organizations, ensuring their security infrastructure evolves with the organization.”

Manual compliance audits are resource-intensive and time-consuming for healthcare organizations that must focus on providing quality patient care. Such audits can often take weeks or months to complete, especially for large healthcare organizations. It’s become increasingly challenging to manage security across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. When healthcare organizations relies on multiple vendors, audit reporting can become nearly impossible without automation. With steep penalties, including fines of up to $250,000 per incident, compliance violations cannot be tolerated.

Fortunately, FireMon is purpose-built for healthcare compliance reporting. It features 12 built-in reports, over 500 controls, and the ability to customize using a native query language. The solution has been designed to deliver customizable workflows optimized for rule creation and changes. Real-time compliance management scales to support 15,000 devices and 25 million rules. Guardrails prevent violations before deployment.

While facing a demanding audit schedule, Convey Health Solutions chose FireMon to help it achieve the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) Common Security Framework (CSF) as well as alleviate the effort and timeframe of compliance audits through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls.

“When looking at our work with Convey Health Solutions, FireMon was able to significantly enhance their compliance tracking capabilities. Our platform enabled Convey to reduce its audit timeline by two-thirds, a substantial achievement. Additionally, by addressing nearly 300 long-overdue rule reviews, FireMon streamlined critical operational tasks for Convey. Integrating FireMon’s centralized firewall policy management, real-time visibility, and customizable reporting into Convey’s multi-vendor environment effectively mitigated overall risk. These results underscore FireMon’s commitment to delivering robust security solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the healthcare sector,” concludes Brazil.

About FireMon

FireMon’s mission is to improve security operations that will in turn lead to better security outcomes. FireMon delivers industry-leading security policy management, cloud security, and asset management solutions. Our platform is the only real-time solution that reduces firewall and cloud security policy-related risks, manages policy changes, and enforces compliance. FireMon’s Cloud Defense (formerly DisruptOps) is the only distributed cloud security offering that detects and responds to issues in the fast-paced public cloud environments. Our cloud-based Asset Management solution (formerly Lumeta) scans entire infrastructures to identify everything in the environment and provide valuable insights into how it’s all connected. Learn more at and the FireMon Blog.

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