Data Center Migration: Make the move. Make it secure.

Migrating applications from one location to another, or from one platform to another, can be one of the riskiest projects an organization can pursue. Not only do you risk the disruption of services, but there’s a large potential for security failures once the migration is underway. As a result, the costs you are trying to reduce only increase.

Continuous Security for Migrations

Businesses expect performance and to achieve minimal (or no) downtime throughout a complex, high-risk migration. But that’s nearly impossible. Right?

Wrong. Enterprises do it every day. We call this migration heroes “FireMon customers.”

FireMon discovers the full context of application dependencies, analyzes security concerns, simulates traffic flows and automatically confirms compliance and user accessibility – all from a single console. How do we do this? FireMon is the only solution with the powerful fusion of vulnerability management, continuous compliance and orchestration.

The FireMon Solution

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Vulnerability Management

Easily visualize your data center and security architecture before and after a migration, detailing your hidden exposures with attack simulation.

See the specific vulnerabilities in your current rulebase and simulate what the migration will look like. Put on the lens of a cybercriminal to reduce your risk and attack surface.

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Continuous Compliance

New rules mean new compliance concerns. Real-time checks ensure all standards are met from the start.

With our sub-second checks, you don’t have to worry about compliance derailing your migration. You get a library of 350+ security controls that you can tailor to your environment. Internal and regulatory standards come built-in for every FireMon customer.

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Translating old rules manually is a house of cards. Orchestrate it all with total confidence – all from a single FireMon console.

Put your migration into hyperdrive with FireMon’s orchestration. The entire process is designed to give you an ideal rulebase and then move the quality to your new firewalls with ease. Say goodbye to cost overruns and delays.

The FireMon Difference

  • Real-Time Monitoring: See what’s happening now. See, translate, change and migrate with confidence
  • Full Data Retention: You have the complete history, know what to migrate and what to leave behind
  • Customizable Search & Reporting: Pinpoint traffic, compliance and vulnerabilities before making the switch
  • Automation & Orchestration: Reduce migration time with automated policy management