Preventing Misconfigurations

No one likes misconfigurations. Here’s how to prevent them.

99% of all firewall breaches through 2023 will be caused by misconfigurations, according to Gartner. They’re a serious security risk – and with proliferating firewalls and other devices in increasingly large and complex hybrid networks, they’re harder than ever to avoid.

Join us for a FREE online training session led by a FireMon engineer, who will show you how to use FireMon Agile NSPM to:

  1. Discover misconfigurations as they occur, anywhere in your hybrid environment
  2. Quickly identify and easily remediate compliance issues
  3. Streamline rule change and review processes to prevent misconfigurations
  4. Create a regular cadence to declutter your environment of unused and unnecessary rules

One lucky attendee will win a pair of Bose Bluetooth sunglasses! Must be present to win.

On-Demand Coming Soon