Configuring Immediate Insight to Send Outbound Email Alerts?

Immediate Insight can send email alerts based on any collected data and search criteria. Before configuring an email alert, you must setup outbound email server settings in Immediate Insight (this is accomplished via the CLI). Here is the information:

The server settings for sending email are specified in the marshal configuration file: app/config/marshal-settings.conf

You can edit this file with a text editor ( vi app/config/marshal-settings.conf ).

Add the following lines (except with the proper values for your email environment):

# maximum number of email alerts per address per hour (default is 3)
mail.maxPerHour = 3
# mail alert settings (account to send through)
mail.username = [email protected]
mail.password = test =
mail.port = 587
mail.subject = New Alert

After saving the changes, type ‘reload server’ at the command line to restart and make the changes take effect. Note that the default maximum setting is 3 messages per hour. You can boost this to a larger number as needed.

Once the above has been done, you can configure Email Alerts in Immediate Insight via the Action feature – one example of doing this is shown below. (Further examples are available in the Data Management Guide.)

You see a type of Search Event you’d like to be alerted on in future -> click the Action link.


Then choose to email similar events to a technical support list email alias (you can tune the specificity of alerts).