Network Complexity Increases Costs & Risk

Use the Complexity Calculator to see where you stand.

About the Complexity Index
Aberdeen Research Group developed the index as a way to quantify the complexity and associated risk of having a complex network environment. Each additional firewall site or vendor increases the rating exponentially – from three-times to 800-times more complex than a single-site, single-vendor installation.

An organization with a high complexity index would appear to be more at risk for unplanned downtime and disclosure of sensitive data, two of the biggest risks facing enterprise organizations today. For more information about the index and the associated risks, download the report from Aberdeen.

  • Sites – the number of locations on the network a firewall is installed. A cluster of firewalls is still considered a single “site” because it shares the same configurations.
  • Vendors – the number of different firewall vendors present in the network.


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