Helping Your customers SOAR

Did you know that there are two critical roadblocks to an effective SOAR strategy? Focusing on automation without defining security workflows and the inability to add context to security threats for threat validation and effective remediation/mitigation.

The likelihood is if your customers are looking to maximise the performance of their SOAR technology they will need more than just a standalone SOAR platform.

Join us as we explore:

  • How integrating FireMon alongside a variety of SOAR platforms can help you deliver to your customers a highly integrated workflow to accelerate any move, adds and changes (MAC)
  • The importance of achieving forensic/contextual and real-time policy change management
  • How you can identify opportunities within your existing customers base

This session’s coffee flavour will be Chocolate Truffle or for the tea drinkers you will have access to Marrakech Mint Tea.

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