Out with the old (VPN), in with the new (SASE)

Who would have guessed that a global pandemic would be the thing to highlight the weaknesses of a VPN. Increasing number of endpoints, remote workforces and a hybrid network means that enterprises need to adopt SASE to secure their dynamic attack surfaces.

But how do you manage your security policy across SASE and traditional network architecture?

Join us as we explore:

  • The six drivers behind the shift to SASE
  • How your customers can visualise, normalise and manage policies across SASE platforms, SD-WAN, and FWaaS
  • Why 2/3 of your customers will be implementing SASE within the next two years and how you can capture their business over your competitors

This session’s coffee flavour will be Salted Caramel or for the tea drinkers you will have access to English Breakfast tea.

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