The CISO's Charge – Doing More with Less

Paul Calatayud recently joined the FireMon team as Chief Technology Officer after 15 years leading security teams at enterprise-level organizations. He leverages his firsthand experience using the FireMon platform to share his insights and deliver strategic customer solutions.

For CISOs today, there is no easy button. You ask and get budget for a new technology, but the team is understaffed and can’t fully utilize it. OR you get approved headcount but the demand is so high, there’s no one to fill the spot. It’s a constant fight to do more with less.

When I first found FireMon back in 2010, I was looking for a solution to this problem exactly. As Head of Security at Vesta, it was important to balance new technologies with the meeting business SLAs. I had to find ways to validate our investments and free up my team to do meaningful while maintaining high quality standards.

I found security management to be critical to this, and FireMon set the bar high. First to market 15 years ago, they have never stopped innovating. And I believe the vision they have laid out will help organizations unlock the value of their technologies and improve security operations for the next 15 years, which are sure to see even more rapidly evolving networks and threats.

Now as CTO at FireMon, it’s my job to help other CISOs solve the same problem I faced. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with the FireMon platform as well as collaborate with them to identify the strategies and technologies that make a security impact while also enabling the business to operate at faster speeds than ever.

The FireMon blog will be the primary way I share these insights, so check back often if you’re interested in learning more. You can also follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter, or maybe will meet at one of the industry tradeshows and conferences FireMon attends. I’m always up for a conversation on current trends, technologies and security strategies.