Charge into the Cloud Security with New Visibility and Orchestration Capabilities

Tim Woods

Like most technologies that change the way we work, cloud solutions offer clear and compelling benefits but also raise new and formidable challenges. Security poses a big challenge to the cloud, because adding cloud into the mix means managing security for on-premise, cloud, virtual, and container environments. The time commitment can feel staggering.


Hold onto your towel

As overwhelming as cloud security may seem, the answer is not to throw in the towel and just accept that cloud security will be lacking. FireMon understands your pain—and we are dedicated to helping you tackle cloud security. We just announced the latest versions of the FireMon Security Manager and Lumeta Spectre platforms.


If you have cloud as part of your network environment, you can now get full visibility into enterprise attack surfaces and complete network anomaly detection across on-premises, virtual and cloud environments. And you can do it without dedicating every waking hour exclusively to cloud security.


A host of headaches

You’ve probably had this headache more than once. You migrate an enterprise application workload to your public cloud environments, then run into unforeseen security considerations. It may be something as basic as lack of visibility or automation. It might be the growing complexity of monitoring security controls and changes. It can even be the need to maintain compliance spanning on-premise, virtual and multi-cloud environments. Any of these can make it difficult for security professionals to respond to business needs in a timely manner.


If you don’t respond fast enough, moreover, it can lead to tension. The business needs to innovate quickly with new applications and services, while stretched cybersecurity teams must ensure that applications and services meet enterprise security requirements. FireMon enhancements help relieve this tension. Our solutions give security personnel new capabilities for understanding the enterprise attack surface and automating cloud security management.


A set of solutions

The newest Lumeta Spectre 3.3.2 release extends your IT asset visibility into Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. This functionality enables you to expose and remediate hidden sources of risk and reduce your overall enterprise attack surface.


FireMon Security Manager 8.23 now meets the demands of agile businesses with optimized visibility to the major cloud platforms. With this update, FireMon provides visibility to all network security devices, both cloud and standard firewalls, for large enterprises that work within both types of security models.


We get it. Network complexity is sky-rocketing and dragging security challenges sky high along with it. If you are going to get things done fast enough, while keeping your security posture strong enough, you need to have true ‘single pane of glass’ visibility and control across all assets, in all environments. That’s what FireMon is about. And we’d be happy to show you how it works.


Next week we are hosting a live webinar, “AWS Network Security Deep Dive: Providing Network Protection for AWS Cloud Resources,” on Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 11 a.m. CT. Visit for details and to register. Or if you want to see it an action for yourself, schedule a demo with us today.