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Industry: Oil & Energy
Products Used:
Company Size: Enterprise
1,000-5,000 employees
Reviewed by:
Jeff Reese
Cyber Security Engineer,
Aera Energy LLC

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Why Jeff needed FireMon

“We needed FireMon for auditing, keeping track of changes, security, real-time change information, historic log information, dupe rules/object cleanup and long term trend reports.”

How Jeff uses FireMon

“We use FireMon for daily reports (change reports delivered each morning and the color coding reduces the read time of these reports). We have weekly compliance and monthly unused reports that reduce staff time and in some cases show us information we would never have had the time to find without this tool.”

What Jeff likes most about FireMon

“FireMon centers on policy, compliance, and change–the three areas we all need help in. It allows you to pick a supplied compliance assessment and allows you to create a custom one to fulfill your needs.”

What Jeff has achieved with FireMon

“FireMon helped us reduce compliance support time by 90%, firewall maintenance time by 50%, and upper-management report time by 90%.”

Jeff Reese

“Change control is the key to every security audit, FireMon allows us and auditors to research all changes done. It’s a must-have tool for the security department.”

FireMon is the
Top Rated Vendor in the
Firewall Management
Category in 2021

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