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Compliance, Visibility, & Automation

Concerned with the reliability of the compliance reports produced by their current NSPM solution and frustrated with a non-intuitive and often manual set of workflows, a leading insurance organization turned to FireMon to provide the visibility, accuracy, and automation necessary to enhance their security and compliance posture.

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Less time required for audit review
PCI-DSS Compliance
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The Solution

After running side-by-side tests with the company’s previous NSPM solution to identify report discrepancies, FireMon’s visibility, highly customizable reports, and change automation delivered accurate assessments and reporting, as well as fulfilled every technical requirement necessary to meet the company’s compliance needs.

  • A single pane-of-glass policy management console for unified policy visibility and management
  • Highly customizable compliance assessments and automated reporting
  • Policy standardization and automation tools simplified and decreased the time necessary to create and deploy rules across a mixed-vendor environment

“Once we started spotting large inaccuracies in our compliance reports, we lost faith in the validity of the data we were receiving from our previous NSPM provider, resulting in far too much time spent manually reviewing reports. FireMon provided us with not only a high level of data reliability and report customization, but also the ability to then act on that data quickly through automation. FireMon has been a game changer for us.”

Network Engineering


100% PCI-DSS compliance
50% less time required for audit reviews
Increased security posture through real-time, continuous monitoring of all devices in a single location
Streamlined remediation processes and shortened time to mitigate violations through automation of policy changes
Reduced risk of human error by eliminating manual processes for rule set up and compliance reporting

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