How well do your firewall policies meet compliance standards?

FireMon’s automated compliance assessment capabilities help you validate that firewall configurations meet all requirements and alert you when a violation occurs. The FireMon platform accommodates both predefined policy analysis that leverages industry best practices and user-defined controls that meet the unique requirements of your network. Continuous, automated compliance monitoring reduces the time you spend configuring policies and ensures you’re ready to meet today’s complex compliance audit demands.

Automating network compliance and auditing with FireMon enables you to:

  • Perform ongoing network risk analysis.
  • Recertify existing rules and policies.
  • Score and trend IT risk posture.
  • Generate standardized reports.
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Does your team have full visibility into firewall policy compliance?

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Rule Documentation

Identify and document every rule in your existing firewall policies to achieve and report on compliance requirements.

Dynamic Policy Auditing

Leverage predefined best practice analysis, standards-based assessments and reporting to audit your existing firewall policies.

Network Risk Analysis

Network Risk Analysis

Isolate and visualize access-based exposures related to your existing firewall policies to prioritize vulnerability mitigation.

Run Assessments

Define and employ unique security controls for customized, repeatable analysis, and reporting, of your existing firewall policies.

Create Controls

Define and employ unique security controls for customized, repeatable analysis and reporting of your firewall policies.

Rule Definition Evaluation

Analyze the effectiveness of rules incorporated in your existing firewall policies to ensure optimal compliance.

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