FireMon Secure Firewall Management Features

The FireMon product suite is the first in the industry to address both sides of the security equation: proactive security intelligence and real-time security event analysis. On the front end, Security Manager and the Policy Planner, Policy Optimizer and Risk Analyzer modules provide the information necessary to effectively manage the complexity and change associated with today’s network security infrastructure. With the addition of Immediate Insight, the platform can identify areas of risk and triage active compromises with automatic re-provisioning.

FireMon Firewall Management Features


Firewall Policy Management


FireMon’s firewall policy analysis and reporting capabilities provides practitioners with detailed understanding of existing network defenses to eliminate necessary network access and improve overall performance.


Network Compliance & Audit


With FireMon’s policy compliance assessment capabilities, practitioners can validate firewall configuration against compliance requirements with rules recertification and full documentation.


Firewall Change Management


The FireMon platform integrates with policy management workflows to give practitioners visibility into the implications of each change prior to change implementation.


Network Security & Risk


FireMon visualizes access controls so practitioners can see potential attack paths and prioritize vulnerability remediation. With the addition of Immediate Insight, users can also perform real-time security event analysis.

The FireMon Platform: Helping You Improve Network Security Operations

FireMon Firewall Management Features
Automated workflows and documentation saves your team time and money in day-to-day security operations.
FireMon Firewall Management Features
Continuous, real-time monitoring of network defenses gives your security team the intelligence they need to operate securely and effectively.
FireMon Firewall Management Features
Identifying potential attack paths and the impact of compromise allows you to prioritize risk and stay a step ahead of attackers.

A Deeper Look at the Capabilities that Drive Our Firewall Management Solutions

Without comprehensive visibility into the current state of network defenses, any organization, regardless of proficiency, is challenged to keep its IT infrastructure under lock and key.

Security Analysis

Gauge the efficacy of your existing firewall policies, including comparative scoring, to understand current access enforcement.

Policy Search

Quickly search all devices within the enterprise domain from a single place in the application.

Traffic Flow Analysis

Trace the source and destination of every rule in each of your existing firewall policies (including NAT) to understand traffic flow.

Change is constant – especially in the realm of network access and protection, where emerging business requirements demand continual adjustment of defenses. FireMon allows organizations to analyze, map and carry out configuration changes with full visibility into resulting conditions.

Change Detection

Isolate, document and, when necessary, alert on every ongoing change implemented throughout your existing firewall policies.

Rule Recertification

Automate workflow and recertification of your existing firewall policies to validate ongoing standards compliance (PCI DSS).

Rule Review

Examine all rule sets applied within your existing firewall policies to continually assess and improve network enforcement.

Firewall policies almost always grow in size and complexity over time, as change takes its toll on the existing rule base and unseen exposures emerge with the loss of visibility and control. Even when organizations remain dedicated to staying abreast of change, unseen issues and minor oversights can result in perilous conditions.

Find Unused Rules

Identify any unused rules and objects in existing policies to prevent unseen gaps in defense and reduce unnecessary complexity.

Locate Hidden Rules

Discover hidden and redundant rules that make your policies less effective – reducing complexity and informing proper documentation.

Rule Documentation

Identify and document every rule in your existing firewall policies to achieve and report on compliance requirements.

Migrating to next-generation firewalls are often long, arduous projects during which gaps in protection may be created as systems are taken offline and replaced.Organizations can eliminate the potential for increased IT risk exposure during migration by employing FireMon Security Manager to continually look for emerging gaps in network protection and adjusting controls on the fly as conditions change and new defenses are brought into production.

Next-Gen Firewalls

Reverse application engineering capabilities ease migration to next-gen systems and enhances monitoring of advanced firewalls.

Device Pack SDKs

Create device packs to integrate emerging technologies directly into Security Manager.

Application Clustering

Take advantage of multiple host resources to increase systems performance.

For years organizations have employed vulnerability scanners, pen testing and a litany of proactive measures aimed at identifying and fixing existing weaknesses before they could be exploited, but with FireMon Security Manager and knowledge of proven access, finally IT risks benefit from full context.
Vulnerability Prioritization

Vulnerability Prioritization

Leverage network-wide visibility into your existing firewall policies to prioritize mitigation based on current access levels.

Service Risk Analysis

Calculate and assess the comparative level of security risk associated with your existing firewall policies to prioritize improvement.

Network Mapping

View and interact with highly complex environments using FireMon Access Path Analysis and network Map Visualization.

Nearly every organization faces significant IT security compliance demands regardless of industry, with the goal of ensuring that mandated controls are always in place and that assessments are being performed with proscribed regularity. Examples of industry-specific regulations include FISMA, HIPAA, NERC, NSA Router Configuration Guidelines, and SOX.

Run Assessments

Define and employ unique security controls for customized, repeatable analysis, and reporting, of your existing firewall policies.

Create Controls

Define and employ unique security controls for customized, repeatable analysis and reporting of your firewall policies.


Expanded compliance auditing and automated workflow for rules recertification address new PCI DSS requirements.

Why FireMon?

Our security intelligence platform allows you to monitor and assess your network security, giving you continuous visibility into and control over firewall infrastructure, network security policies and underlying IT risks.



FireMon's Features Deliver Rapid Results

Each component of the Security Platform offers a deep set of feature-rich capabilities, unlike any other solution on the market!