FireMon Sets a Bold New Standard for Security Policy Automation

SPEED + SECURITY. You CAN have it all!

Automation is one of the hottest buzzwords in cybersecurity today and for good reason. The promise of true automation is the holy grail for IT teams that are overburdened by the growing complexity of securing on-prem as well as multi-cloud environments, increasing governance requirements such as GDPR, and the urgency of incident response activity.

Introducing FireMon Automation For IT and security processes, the workflow is meant to run smoothly, quickly and consistently. However, many basic processes – changes, security reviews, troubleshooting – are still very much manual, all while businesses are pushing toward their goals. We hear a lot about the risks inherent in potential security breaches. However, lagging behind the market and being outpaced by competitors is just as significant a risk to business. In order to remain agile and competitive, security teams need to automate routine tasks in order to balance astute workflows and business development. Since business cannot slow down, the alternative is for security to catch up.

Like many other industry buzzwords, there’s a lot of hype around automation. Unfortunately, the automation tools available today only scratch the surface of addressing the biggest challenges that security teams face.

Until today.

Just as FireMon created the Network Security Policy Management category, we are setting a bold new standard for automation, with the release of FireMon Automation featuring our new compute engine with Continuous Adaptive Enforcement™, which no other vendor offers today.

“While others talk about “zero touch” automation at the asset level, FireMon is providing persistent security across the entire network, encompassing virtual, multi-cloud and multi-platform environments, and can perform in concert with your existing IT and security tools.

Our patent-pending compute engine utilizes an abstraction layer to enable intent-based automation in order to fast track changes and ensure compliance. Moreover, when the underlying network and segmentation changes, the Continuous Adaptive Enforcement™ computes and propagates the necessary policy changes in real time. This approach is the first of its kind, and it will change the security automation game altogether.

Here’s how it works. FireMon Automation offers a unique and flexible approach to security process automation through a single policy management platform built on trusted accuracy, golden standards, and proactive compliance. From automating every stage of the change management process across the rule lifecycle, to full-scale programmable automation for standard processes, FireMon has the capability to meet security teams where they are and help them grow to increasing levels of automation.

We understand that business leaders are often forced to choose between secure practices and enabling innovation—the need for security vs the need for speed. At FireMon, we reject the tradeoff between business priorities and protecting the organization. We know customers need a solution that enables them to respond to business needs on the fly, making changes instantly across the entire network without sacrificing security.

FireMon is a pioneer in network security policy management. We put the needs of our customers first, every time. We win when our customers win. It’s that simple.

We think it’s time enterprises expect more from their security automation solutions. FireMon’s approach goes well beyond other products on the market in order to help customers meet their business objectives. Today, we are officially taking “automation” from buzzword to business reality — eliminating the things that slow you down, enabling speed and security in order to lower network security risk, enable innovation and drive revenue.

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