Automation, Cloud Visibility and Firewall Management Emerge as Leading Topics in Network Security

Trust but verify. That was the mantra of security conferences, research and media headlines for most of the last decade. But today, the speed of business operations drives security. Understanding the needs of enterprises that include interoperability and scale, reducing complexity, and enhancing visibility throughout the environment – FireMon delivered the resources to help address these needs.


We have compiled the top webinars and blogs from 2019 that you may have missed. Here’s a shortlist to get you started.

On-Demand Webinars:
Prove Your Firewalls Actually Do What You Intend
101 Guide to Security Automation
Removing the “NO!” from Innovation
5 Ways to Make Your SOAR Initiatives Take Flight

FireMon Blogs:
Managing the Cloud is Complex, but How You Secure it Shouldn’t Be
What is Your Security Automation Strategy? Mindful or Mindless?
Solving the Shared Security Responsibility Dilemma in the Public Cloud: What’s Your Role?
Demonstrating Continuous Compliance Across the Hybrid Enterprise

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