The Best of Firewall Management – Rule Dashboards

Jody Brazil

In this series, FireMon leadership shares their favorite features of the latest release of our device and policy management solution, Security Manager. 

Jody Brazil, co-founder and chief product strategist, has overseen development of our flagship product since the beginning. He explains how the new Security Manager UI gives you at-a-glance visibility into rule usage and performance.

A lot of work went into designing the UI of 8.0 to make it easier to navigate and find the information you’re looking for. In one of the iterations, we stumbled onto something that has become my favorite page in the entire application: the Rule Dashboard.

In one location, you can see everything you could want to know about an individual rule such as:

    • Rule Definition – details about the rule in a concise rule view

    • KPIs – such as cumulative severity, recent changes and number of times it has been hit in the last 24 hours

    • Key Rule Properties – such as unused, no comment, redundant, etc.

    • Trend view of rule usage over the previous 30-days

    • List of all control failures – a fantastic value

    • Full rule documentation with editing capabilities

    In previous versions of the program and in current versions from our competitors, a user would have to run four or five separate reports to get some of this information. Even then, they could never report on all of this information. Given that a rule is what makes a firewall work and is responsible for allowing or blocking attackers, this view is extremely powerful.

    Check out a screenshot of my favorite page below or watch a walk through of the dashboard here: