Advanced Visibility: Introducing Security Manager 8.0

As we power through the excitement and unrelenting pace of RSA Conference 2015 this week in San Francisco, the larger theme for FireMon, as always, centers on advancing visibility in the network.

With the annual industry confab running in full swing, we’re engaged in all the traditional “awareness” activities – meeting attendees on the show floor, hosting customers and partners at gatherings and, yes, taking stock of all the other vendors decamped here to see who’s making noise.

However, above the din of this year’s recurring themes (threat intelligence and securing the cloud, for starters) and all the flashing lights dispersed both inside and outside the Moscone, I’m proud to say that FireMon has much more than sleight of hand to offer to anyone who’s looking beyond the surface.

On Monday, we took the wraps off Security Manager 8.0, by far the most advanced product in our ten year history; that revelation should be no surprise, as it’s our latest platform iteration, but innovation across the entirety of our flagship solution has resulted in something landmark.

From its redesigned horizontal data architecture, to its all new, KPI-laden interface – and just about everything in between – Security Manager 8.0 is an entirely different approach to management of network security infrastructure.

If FireMon has traditionally delivered a leading-edge set of capabilities for proactive analysis and improvement of network defenses, Security Manager 8.0 moves the needle in terms of providing continuous visibility into the critical factors that allow today’s security practitioners to achieve that goal – automatically surfacing that data at their fingertips.

Within the new KPI dashboard interface, the ability to isolate and examine detailed information regarding network security policies has been significantly expanded with the Google-like Omni-Search toolbar, and with the introduction of a heavily augmented Security Intelligence Query Language (SIQL).

As network security systems evolve, so must the solutions used to optimize their alignment. A revamped Traffic Flow Analysis (TFA) provides application-centric functionality to enable adoption of next-generation firewall architecture. On a related note, there’s also platform-wide support for use with IPv6 protocols.

With environments becoming more complex and segmentation more intensive, translation of network security infrastructure into conclusive, actionable views is equally important – addressed through enriched Access Path Analysis (APA) and Network Map Visualization NMV).

Despite anyone’s wish that standards compliance might disappear, PCI DSS 3.0 has increased requirements to embrace continuous assessment, and Security Manager 8.0 enables this process with dedicated reporting, approved by the PCI Council, to validate ongoing adherence.

Whether it’s the scalability, actionable dashboards or automated workflows introduced with this release, or even the increased flexibility resulting from its improved device SDK integration, Security Manager 8.0 directly addresses the specific needs of today’s organizations in managing their most fundamental and critical network defenses.

As always at RSA, there is a lot of tremendous research and development being unveiled, as well as a fair share of repackaging the same old thing, thinly veiled behind smoke and mirrors.

We’ve hired a magician and leveraged the theme of “tricks to effective network security management” to attract show-goers to our exhibition hall booth, but anyone who is watching closely should notice clearly that FireMon isn’t attempting to engage in distraction or misdirection.

Security Manager 8.0 introduces an entirely new approach to heightening visibility into and control over network security infrastructure. Stop by booth #1127, sign up for the webcast or request an eval to see the product for yourself.

We know you’ll be impressed by our latest innovation.