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Adapt to Change

Dynamically respond to the rapid changes in your environment, even after policies have been deployed.

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Video Transcription

Speaker 1:
FireMon has identified five critical success factors, that must be met in order to ensure business agility without sacrificing security. In this demonstration, we’ll focus on the ability to adapt to change.

Speaker 1:
Identifying network changes in real-time and determining the impact has been elusive. No one can deny that rates of change are accelerating, and keeping up is getting more difficult.

Speaker 1:
Two out of three businesses still rely on manual change processes, and three out of four need multiple departments to approve a change. All of this leads to missed SLAs, increased risk of misconfigurations, and compliance violations.

Speaker 1:
FireMon delivers a comprehensive blueprint for automation, that helps enterprises be more agile and adaptive to change. Your team can create clean and efficient rule designs the first time, to manage updates without rework.

Speaker 1:
Detailed analysis suggests which rule changes may be necessary to support requirements. With FireMon, you won’t waste time figuring out where rules are supposed to go, and you won’t have to worry about misconfigurations.

Speaker 1:
Comments, notes and expirations are automatically entered, so no rule is left undocumented. There are a number of ways FireMon ensures that you won’t have to deal with costly misconfigurations.

Speaker 1:
Conduct pre-change risk and compliance assessments, attack simulations, and what-if analysis. Proposed rules are checked against security and compliance controls, that can be customized to your environment.

Speaker 1:
Key performance indicators are updated to show the impact a rule will have on your security and compliance. Any control failures for plan changes are revealed, and corrected prior to rule implementation.

Speaker 1:
Automation reduces human error, and ensures that your network policy changes are pushed out correctly the first time. You can optimize network policies with actionable recommendations, guardrails and golden rules. CLI commands are available to show the scripting steps associated with policy updates.

Speaker 1:
Policy changes are automatically proofread, so you can be a hundred percent confident that your intended changes are being implemented.

Speaker 1:
CLI syntax is generated accordingly for each type of enforcement device. Automated or manual rules staging and implementation, ensure deployment of policies and respect change windows. Post-validation make sure the change that was planned was the change that was made.

Speaker 1:
Only FireMon lets you discover and respond to changes in your attack surface in real-time, deliver time-saving security automation tailored to help you adapt quickly, reduce human error by eliminating misconfigurations, and prevent compliance violations through continuous monitoring of global security policies across your hybrid environment. Get agile, get FireMon.

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