Why do today’s large organizations need FireMon Security Manager?

Large enterprises, managed service providers and government agencies demand the capabilities found only in FireMon solutions. FireMon allows organizations to retain visibility into network security, compliance and IT risk, which is all necessary for preventing intrusions and resulting breaches before they happen.

Whether responding to a previous incident, preparing for an audit, or seeking new measures to address changing conditions that place new burdens on existing defenses, such as M&A, or major network upgrades, FireMon Security Manager and its Policy Planner and Risk Analyzer modules empower organizations to:

  • Analyze, manage and control firewall configurations centrally and more accurately
  • Cleanup and improve policies to reduce complexity and limit access, even as demands change
  • Cleanup device rules across the entire network to ensure that policies result in end-to-end protection
  • Migrate firewalls and legacy devices faster, validating that defenses remain in place
  • Analyze and report on compliance to comply with regulations and document mandated assessment
  • Identify underlying instances of IT risk left exposed to access and inform necessary remediation efforts
  • Retain real-time visibility into the effectiveness of all security device infrastructure to continually adjust defenses as requirements change