What’s New

Introducing Security Manager V7.0FireMon Security Manager V7.0 and
Policy Planner V3.0

Without proper configuration and management, even great technology can fail to provide the desired security. Large, multi-vendor networks, migration to new technologies like next-gen firewalls, data center firewalls and SDN, fast-paced virtualized operations environments, and relentless compliance requirements only increase the chance of improper configurations. Effective security management is facilitated by several factors: managing and understanding configurations in real-time, intelligent planning of ongoing changes, and a holistic view of your security posture.

FireMon’s new Security Manager V7.0 and Policy Planner V3.0 releases introduce advanced functionality to effectively manage the security of large, complex network environments.

Continuous Assessment


Audit results from months ago likely do not reflect your true security posture today – in the worst case, even one change after the audit can significantly change the reality of your position. If your goal is assessing daily operational changes in the context of your current risk posture, then outdated audit results cannot give you the up-to-date information you need to make informed decisions.

However, even given the limited daily benefit, an inordinate amount of time is spent preparing for mandated audits – time that could be better spent implementing ongoing security best practices. FireMon’s Continuous Assessment capability gives you the best of both worlds – one-time assignment of best practices and compliance assessments and ongoing, up-to-the-minute results against your current implementation.

Using the built-in library of Controls, you can even assemble custom assessments representing your own corporate security policies, tracking previous audit mitigations, or analyzing environment-specific risks.


Simply select an assessment and indicate the device or group of devices that you want to monitor, and FireMon takes care of the rest:

  • Detailed reports are available via personal notifications and web-based dashboards
  • Powerful management features allow you to whitelist findings with an approved exemption
  • View common control failures by device, assessment, or severity and trend results over time.

With Security Manager V7.0, you can obtain daily, empirical evidence quantifying how your environment is getting more secure over time.

Advanced Business Process Integration


With Policy Planner 3.0, you can easily change FireMon’s built-in workflow to enable easier integration with existing enterprise workflow solutions. Build custom workflows out of BPMN 2.0-compliant task types, including forks for parallel approval paths, timers to escalate a ticket if it remains in process too long, decisions, notifications, and user inputs.

Export your workflow in industry-standard modeling notation. Queue-specific templates allow you to customize ticket information shown. Create flows that show different views based on the type of change requested, the current step in the workflow, or user access level.


Using FireMon’s Access Path Analysis capability let the system select the relevant devices for you and make
recommendations about which rules to add along a selected path. Extend the Continuous Assessment capability of Security Manager to assess changes BEFORE they are implemented. Make sure that the rules you plan to implement also conform to the standards in place for the selected device(s).

In addition to full-text search capabilities inside Policy Planner, version 3.0 also tightly integrates with

FireMon’s Insight platform, bringing the ability to write ad-hoc queries based on ticket-related fields. For


example, write queries and create dashboard widgets showing the count of open tickets by status, or manage your engineering force using a list of open tickets, assignee, and time in queue.

Enhanced Domain Support


In Security Manger 7.0, we’ve extended our Managed Service Provider capabilities to offer even more support for multi-domain environments. By enabling our new Domain configurations, you can maintain segregated, parallel environments – with vulnerability data, custom assessments, zone definitions, and device configurations protected from those of other customers.

Users with permission across multiple domains can share “global” Assessments, but custom values inside each domain are hidden from other domains. Even Users and User Groups can be limited to a single domain, allowing you to provide key customers with access to manage their own Security Manager installation. All other Security Manager tools, like the network map, policy test, behavior modeling, and Insight portal queries inherit these domains automatically and restrict access to only the selected groups.

LDAP Authorization


Authorization via LDAP extends our long-standing LDAP authentication capabilities. Once authenticated, the system uses configured LDAP group to Security Manager group mappings, in order to appropriately permission the remote user. Let LDAP do what it does best – manage users and group memberships, then quickly enable access to an entire LDAP group by simply adding it to the mapping of an existing Security Manager role.

Additional Capabilities

  • Direct integration with Vulnerability Managers:
    • Qualys QualysGuard
    • Tenable Nessus
    • Positive Technologies MaxPatrol
  • Behavior-based Rule Recommendations
  • Packet Trace enhancements
  • New device support
    • Palo Alto Panorama
    • Huawei Eudemon
    • AhnLabs TrusGuard
    • Hillstone SG-6000