Security Manager

FireMon Security Manager

FireMon Security Manager’s network security and IT risk analytics offer scalable, real-time assessment of device policy enforcement, from individual configurations to the combined effectiveness of all defenses, providing the agility and assurance necessary to keep access control in step with business.  As an integrated platform spanning capabilities from device rules optimization to analysis of cross-infrastructure enforcement, Security Manager encompasses an enormous breadth of integrated features, eliminating the need for complicated integration of multiple products, and enabling critical processes including:

Firewall Rules Assessment and Optimization

Analyze firewall policies to clean-up and optimize firewall configurations to improve security, manageability and performance.  Key features include:

Reduce Firewall Complexity
  • Find unused rules and objects
  • Find hidden and redundant rules with actionable steps to remediate these conflicts
  • Optimize highly utilized rules to dramatically improve performance
  • Traffic Flow Analysis to reduce overly permissive rules by identifying exactly what traffic is flowing through a rule.

Real-Time Change Management

Continuous monitoring of all devices for any change to the configuration or policy.  Understand what changed, when it changed, why it changed and the impacts of the change.  Full change management solution including:

  • Automatic change detection in real-time
  • Audit log detailing all changes
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand comparison views in familiar policy layout
  • Change notifications

Firewall Configuration Analysis

Firewall Configuration

Review effectiveness and correctness of enforced policies on firewalls to identify gaps in protection and inconsistencies in configurations as well as enforce internal access controls.

Access Path Analysis

Access Path Analysis

Identify and review the implications of every available path of access across the entire infrastructure to ensure proper enforcement and asset protection.

  • Trace the path through the network to find impacted device
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues
  • Detailed, step-by-step firewall behavior analysis including routing, access control and NAT

Continuous Policy Compliance Auditing

Tame Compliance Audits

Audit and validate configuration of network security device policies to ensure compliance with standards such as the PCI DSS mandate [PDF].

Network Security Visualization

Network Security Visualization

Visualize a comprehensive map of network security device enforcement to maintain continuous visibility into protection and inform decision making.

  • Dynamic network map continuously updated as the network is changed
  • Visualize access through the network with path analysis displayed in the map
  • Multi-domain aware to address overlapping address space


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