InfoSec Europe an Anchor Security Event

Fresh off of the InfoSec Europe security conference I am still invigorated.  From my prior post you can see that we had a great show speaking to existing and potentially new customers. But the thing I realized this week is that InfoSec Europe has become an anchor event for the security industry in Europe.

Between the SC Magazine Europe Awards, B-sides London, CSA event, not to mention the FireMon Welcome Reception (had to throw that in), the conference has spawned an entire security ecosystem of events around it. While I have my frustrations with trade shows being so product versus solution or information focused, they do draw a crowd.  And this crowd of 12000+ attendees now has more than just a trade show in which to participate.  InfoSec Europe had all the feel of a major event. As big as RSA or Black Hat, I think InfoSec Europe is where to be if you are a player in the security industry.

We had a great time meeting and greeting friends old and new.  Also, our own Alin Srivastava was featured on Infosecurity Europe TV.  You can see the interview below. Congratulations to the team at InfoSec for putting on such a great show. Looking forward to next year already.

In the meantime, the FireMon team will be at a number of other shows, including next week’s Check Point Experience Barcelona on May 4-5!

One thing though is that whether it be InfoSec Europe, RSA, Black Hat or even local ISSA conferences, what we hear from people is pretty much the same. As I wrote in my last piece, security needs management! Even if you have the tools, using them correctly and efficiently is a challenge. Taking these ideas we hear and conveying that back to the FireMon product team is one of the most important functions of us attending shows like this.

About Jody Brazil

As Founder and CEO of FireMon, Jody Brazil is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than two decades of executive management experience and deep domain expertise in all aspects of networking, including network security design, network security assessment, and security product implementation. Before joining FireMon in 2004, Brazil spent eight years at FishNet Security, serving as Chief Technology Officer, where he was responsible for providing direction for solutions to their customers. Previously, he was president and founder of Beta Technologies, a Network Services and Internet Application Development company. A few of Brazil’s major accomplishments include his implementation of the first load balanced deployment of Check Point firewall software in 1997. A year later he engineered the security solution that allowed, for the first time, the transfer of criminal history data over the Internet as approved by the FBI. Brazil then released the first ever graphical firewall policy change view in 2001 and the first ever firewall rule usage analysis application in 2004.

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